08 May 2008


I woke up this morning, excited to make homemade moonshine. The recipe, which I give Junio credit for finding, had too many steps. All I wanted to do was pour everything in a mason jar. And that is exactly what I did. 2 small containers of blueberries (frozen) from the Culver City Farmer’s Market, ¾ cup pure white cane sugar that we already had in the cupboard, 1 ½ cups + unidentified extra topper Sky Vodka we have had in the freezer since we moved in. Oh, and I also picked a lemon from our dwarf lemon tree and sliced off pieces of zest to add in. There is a blueberry lemon martini at the Whisper lounge at the Grove I hope to replicate. This will sit on my counter to turn for weeks to come. Donny and I have decided to have a housewarming party and I’d like to share my moonshine with our guests then. I called my mom today about said housewarming party. We are about to send out the invitation via email to our intended guests. I’d like to put a line on the invite that says something like “Please consider the environment if gifting.” I wanted to get my mother’s opinion on the matter. When I called her and started to explain the invite: black & white architectural photograph, yellow type that is straight to the point with only the necessary information, i.e. date, time, our address. She said she immediately knew I was going to ask her about this issue. Here is the thing. I like gifts, but I don’t want people to feel so obligated to get us something that the need to pause for the environment is lost. I told her about the wedding invitation etiquette I read about online that said even the mere mention of gifts was taboo. My mom agreed the way we worded the invite seemed appropriate and necessary. If we left it off then potentially we would leave ourselves open to guests getting us anything and everything, which is a waste we don’t want to incur. I also think that it is valuable to try starting the conversation with our friends. Most of the people we know do not have composters in their house. They do not recycle regularly and they do not buy mostly organic and local foods. It will be an opportunity to share ideas on projects and see what other people are doing in their homes. I hope to find out things I didn’t know.

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