01 June 2011

It's a Yummy Cherry Mojito summer!

Earlier this year we went to a friend's wedding in Puerto Rico. Upon our arrival, the hotel graciously offered Welcome Mojito's to kickoff our mini-vacation. Since we have been back in California, we can't stop making the homemade version. And it helps that we have a voracious amount of mint growing in our backyard.

Last week's CSA from Auntie Em's kitchen sent some fresh, local cherries. Here is my delicious cherry moijto recipe. Feel free to substitute with any fresh raspberries, blueberries or strawberries or enjoy as a traditional mojito.

Recipe is for (1) delicious mojito

In a cocktail shaker, combine 2 heaping teaspoons of raw sugar, 5-7 large mint leaves, and a couple teaspoons of lime juice. With a muddler, crush the mint in to the sugar and dissolve in the juice. Throw in 2-4 pitted cherries. Crush the cherries and mix together with the mint. Add a few large ice cubes and 1+ shot of organic light rum. Shake.

Strain sugary mixture in a glass half-filled with ice. Fill glass to brim with ginger beer or lime soda water. Sometimes I throw in an extra splash of lime juice if it comes out a little too sugary.

Top with a spring of mint and cherry.

Make sure you have enough ingredients for a refill. You'll want another.

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