12 December 2009

Recycled Ornaments

It's not often you find an easy and attractive recycled idea. Check out these instructions from Martha Stewart for making an ornament or decoration made out of holiday cards past. I like this idea a lot because you are actually doing something with all the cards people send you and not just throwing them in the blue bin or collecting dust around the house. I might consider this a tradition to make a new card every year with the previous year's holiday cards.

Cut out twenty circles: For a small ball, trace around the base of a jar that's about 1 1/4 inches in diameter; for a large one, trace around the bottom of a glass.

Cut another circle the same size from cardboard; on it, draw an equilateral triangle, points touching the edge of the circle. Cut out triangle; trace it onto the inside of each of the 20 circles. Score, and fold along all the lines.

Next, use clear-drying craft glue to join one flap each from two circles -- triangles should point in the same direction. Using the same technique, attach the flaps of three more circles to these two, forming what will be the top. Make the bottom in the same way.

Glue remaining 10 circles together, this time with triangle points alternating up and down, forming a straight line. Glue the two end flaps to form a ring; this will be the middle section. Then glue top and bottom pieces to the flaps of the middle section.

Use a needle to create a small hole, and hang from thread.

Photographs by Donny Martino Jr.

06 December 2009

Living Locally Spotlight In the News

If you have been keeping tabs on tv or on the newsstands lately, "living locally" has shown up in a few of my favorite places.

Last week's episode of Top Chef focused on local produce & protein from Napa Valley, CA. The contestants were challenged to create a menu use only local ingredients, except for a bit of salt & pepper. Top Chef is a perfect venue to get the word out for living locally. Check out Bravo for a repeat of the episode if you missed it.

And if you find yourself at a local bookstore, pick up a copy of Los Angeles Magazine. December's issue features local vendors in Los Angeles. Not all products are made with materials grown or produced in So-cal, but this is a good start in promoting local businesses and handmade goods.

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