24 September 2009

Let's all go to the movies!

I saw Julie & Julia today. I liked it. Of course that is no real surprise. A) my Mom raved about the film and Meryl. Who doesn't love Meryl Streep? B) I like food and things about food and things about making food. And C) I am, I guess, what you call, A Blogger and that is what the co-main character does in her journey. She blogs.

I found the film really inspiring and not just because 1 year ago I started a blog. I was inspired because Amy Adams' character (Julie) used Meryl Streep's character (Julia) as her base, but then made her own story. Personally, I often find it difficult to start something because I am worried that it would be redundant or un-inspiring. Julia Child inspired Julie Powell. Nora Ephron may have, in part, inspired me. As for my blog, I won't change things up in a huge way, but I may give myself some sort of challenge or deadline. I don't want to make any rash decisions just yet, so I will need some time to stew on this for a bit. And bounce ideas off of Donny.

I can't let you go without a little dig to Julie Powell who apparently has a bit of a distaste for organic cooking or the movement, as she calls it. Here is an excerpt from her 2005 NY Times article.

Don't get me wrong: I love a big, ugly tomato, as much as the next girl. I buy my fair share of pencil-thin asparagus and micro-greens, and I'm sure if ever I were to stand in an orchard and taste a peach picked during one of its two days of succulent perfection, I would find it one of life's greatest joys. Perhaps one day I will - if I move to California, where life is apparently just one great organic cornucopia. But even in that exceedingly unlikely event, I'll remain a bit suspicious of this cult of garden-freshness.

Powell goes on to say that while supporting healthy food does support combating child obesity, a noble effort, she has some real problems with organic & local food as a movement. She thinks that it is about "economic elitism", and according to Powell that includes your wallet, your taste buds and your ethics. She ignores the world of growing, canning & preserving your own food, all of which saves money. And I can't say I have felt very elite or wealthy while securing the lid on my pressure cooker, nor taking the bus to the farmer's market.

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