29 March 2009

Spring Seedlings

Tomato seedlings: Fog, Sprite, Royesta, Celebrity 

Tomato seedlings: Fog, Royesta, Celebrity 

Pepper seedlings: Salsa, Pepperocini
Tomato seedlings: Roma

Beet seedlings (large pot)
Onion seedling

(all 2 weeks old)

04 March 2009

Local Voting

Yesterday was Election Day for many of you, including those in Los Angeles.  The two hot topics on the table were the race for Mayor and Measure B (Solar Energy).  Here are some numbers comparing registered voters to actual turnout.  It's pretty depressing considering the people who came out in November.

                 Registered Ballots Cast % Reporting
City of Los Angeles 1,596,165  239,374     0.15

On a better note, a few weeks ago Venice had a local vote through the Venice Neighborhood Council.  The subject of said vote was on Overnight Parking Districts.  Although the outcome was not what I wanted, an overwhelming 1506 people came out.  (See picture below I took of Venice democracy at work.) This surpasses the 1189 voters who came out in 2005 for a different issue. Donny and I personally stood in line for over an hour at the Venice library just to cast our vote. Now it has come to some attention that the ballot counting process may have been flawed and could turn into a re-vote.  We will wait and see.

And one last note, even though it's not about my local community.  My good friend Katie Wilson won her race in Vermont as Brattleboro Town Rep for District 2.  Congrats!

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