11 May 2008


I have not been in a "regular" supermarket in a long time. It was a lot brighter than I remember and a lot colder. Donny has found the Best Bacon In The World and we ran out. The Ralphs on Lincoln boulevard happens to be the closest market to our abode, so we took a little bike ride together to replenish our stock of bacon. It is amazing how quickly you forget about all of the crap there is to buy at the supermarket when you shop exclusively at farmer's markets’ or Whole Foods markets. I'm not trying to sound elitist and maybe other people don't forget, but I honestly forgot all of those products existed. I still go with Donny to the corner liquor store to buy grape soda and read Rolling Stone Magazine, but it’s not the main place we go to buy our food. And I understand that it is the choice of those people who solely shop there, but it’s not me. I was also shocked to see two young women at the check-out counter loading up a cart full of food in plastic bags. I thought everyone watched Oprah. I don't, but my mother does and I thought that literally every single woman in this country watched her show. Didn't they see the Earth Day special on Oprah. Where are their reusable bags? Donny now carries a reusable bag on his bike. He attaches it to the front cables. It might be because he cares about the environment or because of the ridicule he would endure upon previously coming home with plastic bags. Either way, it makes me feel good that he goes out prepared and it isn’t just a part of his shopping lifestyle when he is with me. I did feel a little like a hippie when I was there with my green bag. I usually don't feel like a hippie or a scuppie when I am out there with reusable bags or not taking a bag at all, but today I felt different. It could have been because I was judging everyone else for being in the Ralph's, so I just assumed they were judging me too. It also could have been because the only other bicyclists we passed to/from the Ralph's looked like hippies. There is this vibe I have often felt when in smaller towns in this country, specifically in New Mexico because I've worked there a lot. The vibe is of feeling different from everyone else. I feel like people are looking at me or the clothes I wear and they know instantly that I don’t belong.

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