07 May 2008

Apartment Buildings

I have been remiss in watering my vegetable garden. I was out of town for 3 weeks on business and we were out of town for a week visiting family, so I got out of my routine. Donny gets on me about it sometimes. I convinced him that less water is sometimes good for the plants, which might be true, but I am also lazy. Although our garden is right outside of our front door, it still means that I could be seen by one of the neighbors or a visitor. This means that my usual garb of Loomstate organic cotton pajamas and un-showered hair is out. Of course today was no exception. I changed into jeans and converse and began watering. Just as expected my next door neighbor actress/producer stepped outside to chat. She had most recently been to her niece’s bat mitzvah that was green themed. At the reception, the table centerpieces were an assortment of herbs in a box ready to plant. A few weeks ago my neighbor had me plant flowers because she deemed the vegetables unattractive. I was now asked to plant these herbs. She thinks I have this magical green thumb. I couldn’t really say no because at the core I do think it is important to be neighborly. Aside from that, free herbs are free herbs. Hopefully I can keep them alive. While we were out chatting I noticed an abundance of flies. This was also very obvious to my neighbor who was batting the air around her face. I felt a bit embarrassed. I was the reason these flies had made a home in our building stoop. They were my vegetables and I had chosen to grow them organically. I went back inside and researched organic pest control. There are so so many different concoctions listed online to fend off an array of insects. I found a recipe that seemed easy to do right away with materials I already had in my cupboard. I think it is already working.

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