21 August 2008

What are kids learning about the environment?

I don't have any kids and I've never lived with a kid, so I don't know that much about raising them. I can guess that if a tween hears something from one of their role models they might listen. Miley Cyrus has a new video out called "Wake up America", which is loosely about going green. It's an interesting video and I'll leave my thoughts about production value aside. What I'd like to comment on is the content and what she is telling kids to do.

See below for Miley's suggestions followed by what I think of them.

1) Unplug your cell phone once it is fully charged. It's a good thought, but the charger still uses electricity when it's plugged into the wall. Semantics, but these kids need to know exactly what to do.

2) Recycle books and magazines, give to friends. This is a great tip for kids, but its funny she didn't mention sharing music with your friends. She's okay with her fans re-using US magazine, but not okay if they burn her cd.

3) Tan green. Solar powered tanning booths. No chemicals or lotions. Why are we even talking about 15 year olds and tanning booths? Plus, and I haven't done much research on solar powered tanning booths, but does that mean you're just under the sun? Because I can do that on my roof and it doesn't cost me anything.

4) Take showers instead of baths. Also a good tip, but how many kids over the age of 5 take baths? My boss' 9 year old daughter likes to wash her hair once a month. Maybe Miley should do that, so she can conserve water.

5) Keep plastic water bottles. Don't throw them out. Recycle later. Take it to a restaurant and ask them to refill it. This is my favorite one. First off, I'd love to see a picture of Miley at The Ivy with a plastic bottle asking for a refill. Second, plastic bottles are meant for a one-time use only. After a few days chemicals in the plastic start to break down and will leach into the water. Also, bacteria can form in the water bottle. Not to mention just manufacturing plastic comes from a non-renewable resource. If you throw out the bottles instead of recycling them they will not biodegrade in your lifetime. Aluminum and stainless steel reusable bottles are options everyone should consider using.

6) Plant a tree. Reduces um, um, carbon dioxide. Good tip, but all I have to say is, practice beforehand. The kids believe you less if you don't know the important words.

7) Shop online. No car trips means no pollution in the air. If you buy online that means you are potentially using more packaging material. Plus, I'm not sure how the clothes arrive to Miley's house, but if I buy something online, the fedex guy usually shows up and he's driving a truck. That truck produces a lot of pollution, if not more than my Mini Cooper. And not to state the obvious, but if you walk or bike to a local shop to buy local products, then you will really be cutting down on the pollution.

My only suggestion for Miley is to consider an alternate form of transportation.

Check out the video for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Do you really pay that much attention to Miley Cyrus? Obviously you do. Having said that... I think you should maybe ease up on her a little bit. She's only 15.

While I agree with two of your points (unplugging cell phones after charging and the reusing of water bottles) the rest seem petty, and lead me to think your motives for this particular blog are based on your jealousy. Yes you wish you were Miley.

I would also like to point something out to you.

You can go on your roof and tan, if that's how you choose to live your life. I guess living in Los Angeles you have plenty of sunshine. The rest of us live in places that have seasons. We can't always go on the roof to tan. And honestly - I have to say - have fun soaking up the UV rays. Your rooftop is now a place where you go to catch cancer.

Or you could go to a solar powered tanning salon and get your tan on an non UV ray tanning bed.

Malika said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate feedback and to know the readers are out there. Of course, wear sunscreen. And just a reminder, this website is about living in Los Angeles. That means, we don't take anything for granted, but at the same time the luxury of going to the beach or on my roof is our reality, so I write about it. Keep up the comments!

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