20 August 2008

Segways are killing the beaches

Okay, lets get it out of the way first. I actually like
Will Arnett's character, George "Gob" Bluth II, from Arrested Development. I think he's clever and funny, but this segway phenom has to go. Or at least they need to resolve their identity crisis.

The bike path next to the beach is for bikes, plain and simple. We bikers tolerate skateboarders and rollerskaters because frankly most of us use them too at different points in the summer. People walking should either stay on the path that is specifically for walkers or just walk on the sand. It is freaking sand. The people on segways think, oh this path is for anyone with wheels. No way! People in wheelchairs don't go on the bike path, do they? No. Segways go super slow and they are for super lazy people who don't want to walk, but still want to leisurely gaze upon the water and beach. They go so slow they can wave to people and pose for pictures, all without breaking a sweat or getting off.

This morning I rode to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. The route I like to take is Main Street going North, then on the way back South I take the BIKE path. As I am about to get on the bike path, I go down a short, narrow path. I have entered through this path probably a hundred times. I have easily been able to maneuver past people walking, strollers and other bikes. Not today. Today I came upon a family of 5. And I know you want to assume that all 5 of these tourists were on segways. Oh no! This cute, little, white suburban family only rented 2 segways. So I imagine that they either took turns riding them or the two daughters were the only "brave ones". Either way, this one girl could literally not even go as fast as she walks. It was as if she was on a tightrope over boiling lava. Not only was she going slow, but she was squealing. I mean, we're talking a 13 year old girl can't ride on a motor powered stand? Because tht is all it really is - a stand that moves. She literally freaks out as I'm ringing my little bike bell and scoot on past her.

I'm just wondering why this family couldn't have rented bikes or even rent a rickshaw. We have 'em in Venice. I guess I just want to believe that when people come and vacation in Santa Monica, Venice or Marina Del Rey that they either want to sit on the beach and just relax or they want to get in on all of the great outdoor activities. It's just too bad some people think there are no other options and they turn to segways. Even the models on "America's Next Top Model" couldn't make segways look cool in Rome.


Anonymous said...

You're a closed minded dick. Not everyone can ride a bike, or wants to sit in a wheelchair.

Malika said...

Thank you for your comment. I respectively disagree with it. If someone is in a wheelchair it means they probably can't stand long enough to use a segway. Most people who can be active walk, rollerblade or bike. Using an electronic device like a segway is not a mode of transportation, but merely a lazy way to meander on the boardwalk.

Anonymous said...

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