30 August 2008

I LOVE Paper

My grandparents actually planted the very first seed in me to collect stationary. When I was in elementary school they went on a roadtrip across the country and sent me postcards from every state they visited. We're talking postcards made from paper, wood, copper, etc. Of course I saved every postcard they sent and it started to become my thing. As I got older, postcards became a little passe. That's when I really discovered the wonderful world of cards. My grandmother and mother had always instilled in me to send thank you cards, so that was incentive to buy them, collect them and send them out. For a while I just wanted people to give me a gift, so that I could use one of my thank you cards in return. Actually, I sometimes still think that way.

Over the past few years making my own holiday cards has become somewhat of a staple for me. Many times I have used old newspapers or magazines (see above from holidays 2006) for the design of the card, but at the time I wasn't necessarily taking the environment into consideration. Things have changed. Now when I buy new cards I am very conscious about what the card is made of, where it was made and any inks/processes used to make it. It is so wonderful how many options there are, while still allowing me to get great looking stationary. Next post I will share my new favorite place to buy paper.

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