02 June 2009

Do you "Bike in Style"?

Donny and I ride our bikes on the weekend almost exclusively. Getting dressed for riding bike is no different than figuring out what to wear to work or going out to a nice restaurant.

There are times where we take 4 hour long rides to/fro Redondo Beach and on those occasions it makes sense to wear something in the neighborhood of my converse sneakers, comfy shorts and a tank top or t-shirt plus lots of sunscreen. Often times I'll bring a simple hoodie if its windy. On other days we will casually ride to the farmer's marke
t on the Promenade or go to a friend's house for brunch and then I might sport some cute flats and a summery dress. We've also been known to hit up a fancy dinner at Via Veneto on Main Street. On those nights I like to get really dressed up in a party dress and wedge heels.

Fortunately nutcase has come out with some very cool helmets that could go with any attire; not only for biking - they've got water & snow helmets as well. (see below for the checkerboard helmet I picked up at LA Brakeless recently.)

I am not ashamed to say that for all occasions I like to look stylish, but also be comfortable as to not impede from riding fast.

And just today it has come out that Louis Vuitton's own parent company may launch some pieces/line for those looking for more out of active bike wear.

LVMH, the luxury brand that brings us Pucci, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, set a "Bike in Style" challenge for some Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) students in New York City. They asked the students to create "stylish, practical and affordable bike clothing & gear" in support of Mayor Bloomberg's bicycling and green initiatives for the city. Specifically they were asked to design a set of biking essentials: a poncho, a jacket and a travel bag for both men & women. Not exactly biking essentials for SoCal, but it's a start.

The winner, Jessica Velasquez, was announced today (see her winning drawings above). The designs will debut at Summer Streets; a series of (3) August Saturdays when Park Ave and connecting streets (from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park) are closed to motor vehicles.

Financially the "challenge" was supported by a grant from LVMH to the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City.


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21stcenturyman said...

Thanks for the bike style info Malika! I am jealous of you guys riding your bikes so much. We do it a little bit here in Hollywood, but it is like a video game sometimes because it's so congested.

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