30 May 2009

Reminder: Reuse Packaging

The idea of local living is a constant struggle. Growing your own food is ideal, but of course there are types of foods and certain brands that you feel you just cannot live without - or maybe you can't get local. After a quick bike ride to Whole Foods this morning for some fair trade coffee we found one product, while not from So-Cal, inspires another aspect of local living - reusable packaging.

Check this out: Nancy's cultured cottage cheese (see below) says "I am reusing this container for" FILL IN THE BLANK.

It's a great idea to rinse out glass bottles/jars for when you make your own hot sauce or tomato sauce, but what about those pesky plastic containers? More often then not we rinse them out and recycle them; even though the plastic is perfectly fine to clean & reuse. They aren't changing the world with this, but an idea right on the packaging is progress and I like it.

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