04 December 2008

Nature Mill in the News

I have been gone from this blog for a bit because work has taken over all my free time.  I have every intention of doing a few Thanksgiving posts after the fact.  Some of the recipes I used went over like gangbusters with my group and maybe some of you can use them for the upcoming holidays later this month.

In the meantime, I'd love to talk about my Nature Mill composter.  I have been posting for months about the problems Donny and I have encountered with our composter.  Our latest version still can't transfer even though Donny recently replaced the springplate and mixing bar.  This sad fact turns a great indoor composter into a messy bucket.  I felt obligated to post today because the LA Times put out a review of the Nature Mill (unbeknownst to me Smith & Hawken now sells the composter).  Take a look at the review and then come back to my site for more discussion.

I had a good feeling about this writer because right off the bat he seemed to have a clear sense of what it takes to compost.  He also mentioned that he grows cuccumbers in rain barrels, so thats pretty cool.  On the other hand, I don't think he gave the Nature Mill a chance.  Since Donny and I had not endeavored on anything so "hippie" as the composter beforehand, its not impossible to think perfecting your compost is something you can learn about and get used to easily.   

At the end of the day, we're both just looking for an easy composting experience.  If the Nature Mill doesn't do the job soon there are many kitchen top manual composters I might start looking in to.  The real question is whether I will get refunded for the machine AND the upgrade.  


Anonymous said...

Why not just put your green stuff in the green bin and buy compost at HD or a gardening store? Or pick it up for free from the City of LA compost heap? Composters that use electricity, when the natural process uses none, are wasteful. And they smell. I mean, how much compost you use in a rooftop garden? A bag or two a year? Seems wasteful.....a little too hip for me!

David Tapley said...

We've struggled with ours too. I've a new part from the factory to fit (the 2nd upgrade) but we've moved on to something called a 'Green Cone'. My nature mill experience is blogged here:


SteveR said...

Well I do have the solution but not at the $400.00 cost of the product offered! It is more in the $600 range but is a much heavier unit and it only take 1 DAY to compost 5lbs! And trust me it works and is a solid appliance with truly no odour.

Steve said...

Malika - check out their new model - the "XE" which probably fixes the issues you have had. They just announced it in September. It has a stronger motor and seems to be a bit more heavy duty. It has gotten some very good review in the press.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that all of us like to hear from the customers who have used the unit over time (preferably at least 2 months period). They can list the food waste it can and cannot handle. Also, they know what maintenance the unit requires.

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