27 July 2008

Rooftop Gardening

Yesterday was a successful day in continuing our rooftop garden. Donny already planted a caribbean red pepper, 3 regular red peppers, 2 kinds of basil, 2 tomato plants, and a mint plant. Together we planted 4 cloves of garlic and an asparagus plant. And for a few weeks now we’ve been breeding horsetail. It’s on the expensive side, so Donny thought it would be a good idea to split up one container into two and let them grow. Horsetail is really just a weed and it’s been multiplying pretty rapidly. (see picture)

Our neighbor's cat has spent a bit too much time near our plants, and by that I mean he thinks our plants and our roof is his bathroom. In defiance of him we spent the day making custom fencing around each pot with a big roll of chicken wire-type we bought at Home Depot. All of the pots look so uniform and hopefully will keep unwanted animals out.

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